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Add more effects

Add more funny effects

Naty , 28.08.2009, 15:03

make a picture of A TV store window

I would make a picture of a TV store window in which all of the tv's show the uploaded picture.

Daniel Wallace, 29.08.2009, 22:32


Frontman of the band with Guitar on BIG ROCK CONCERT

Vladimir, 29.08.2009, 22:06

concert stage

on conert stage from alice cooper

Zanolari, 29.08.2009, 20:19

basketball effects

if you could put your face on a dunking basketball player, it would be really cool.

anant, 29.08.2009, 19:53

add effect with jonas brothers

I wanna make a pic of me and the jonas brothers.. or miley cyrus.
I want cool effects!
I love this page!!
Cool idea!!
Please add more effects!!

natalia, 29.08.2009, 19:06

would love to see more vintage effects

Old Portrait

joe, 29.08.2009, 18:46

people in a strike

people in a strike against you with your photo on boards

judith, 29.08.2009, 17:35


Dear Photofunia team,

I would find it great if you made available a photo where one can put himself in a straightjacket!

Lots of love,
Martina Italy

Martina, 29.08.2009, 13:14

Add more exciting effects

Add some more exciting effects like you are riding on a big dinosaur that is running in the jungle....

Elle Gayle, 29.08.2009, 12:32

picture fall down to water

there is a picture on a paper.the paper blow by wind and fell down to the water..

Yucia juniar, 29.08.2009, 10:36

your technology is good but pls add 3d games effect in your website

you have good technology but our technology is good and fastly changing so pls add 3d games effect in your effect list and humars in your website and forums for subscribe u for updates and new things do from users and for make money by vip users

mannat rawal , 29.08.2009, 10:11

please add photo frames speccially for kids.

it could be use full for children photos .

iindian_1947, 29.08.2009, 09:59

romantic effect

add some romantic effect as well for couple..like boy n girl kissing or hugging..etc

mrs.usman, 29.08.2009, 09:16

photo montage whith Edward from Twiligth

girls would like effect with hero from Twiligth... Edward

Paty, 29.08.2009, 08:20

do some thing unbelievable like stunts

nzsh, 29.08.2009, 02:43

Add Dexter back.

I think you should add Dexter back. That was an awesome template.

Elena, 28.08.2009, 21:49

dominoday...(first you see some dominoes falling en then you see your picture)

first you see (from above) some dominoes falling en then you see your picture in the dominoes

arnaud, 28.08.2009, 21:43

please add some more astronauts farmes and affect

ealiya, 28.08.2009, 20:44

Be famous

have a an expensive cologne with as faces or a big photo with as in center of the shop The Mall

bill, 28.08.2009, 20:38


Have a foto with as carpet or a big foto with as in e center on famous shop.

bill, 28.08.2009, 18:50

to make moive characters faces to our face effect

can u make a effect like adding our face in a movie clip as if we are acting in that movie
a small clip or a scean it will be good acting with stars

shaik, 28.08.2009, 18:15

effects with all the body

effects in the famous citys ,with cinema personages

youssef, 28.08.2009, 18:08

add with celebreties

add photos with celebreties...............everybody needs their snaps with them as well as u can do same for the famous movie scene

Megha Pawar, 28.08.2009, 16:48

michael jackson

michael jackson, alla pugacheva xatim shtob@ bil ix foto

herminea, 28.08.2009, 16:35

add weeding couple effects

a groom and a bride wearing a weeding dress.the couple ust be in a frontal face effects.

sheenmarc, 28.08.2009, 16:06

add actress photos

we must be able to edit photos with kannada film actress and many more

munna, 28.08.2009, 15:49

Add more animated effects

Add more Realtime animated Effects

nano, 28.08.2009, 15:06
Idea status: under consideration


heniq, 28.08.2009, 15:32
Bob Marley face
Aliyah , 29.08.2009, 05:19
add in michael jackson and another person
*one of him and a man
*one of him and a girl
Hollinas, 29.08.2009, 05:51
Add with celebrities PLEASE Please
jayferz, 29.08.2009, 07:18
make a super hero character PLEASE
flio, 30.08.2009, 23:46
yo hablo español... asi que mi idea es en español... que la persona salga dentro de un reloj...
crisanto, 31.08.2009, 02:52
make other effects hehehehe tnx
nasim, 01.09.2009, 07:45
SafiN, 31.08.2009, 11:16
pls pls pls............add more and make me admin......
hasan nofallah, 01.09.2009, 09:14
old man effect
or old effect
Eh3, 01.09.2009, 21:42
at the back of Window of home Whit rain & beautiful landscape
gewrgia, 02.09.2009, 10:19
mia kardoula pou mesa na exei keno gia 2 proswpakia.....
hamdy, 03.09.2009, 05:24
on a wall purn

more photo"S Plz

On Face Some Of Players Of FooT Ball Like Missy
Naveed kakar, 03.09.2009, 19:06
I want cool effects!
I love this page
Namepong, 03.09.2009, 20:42
I Want a Jurassic Park Effects With a T-Rex,Raptor,Brachiosaur or Pteranodon
teona-z, 03.09.2009, 21:35
i want wentworth miller effect plz add it ... this will the best effect for me ...or add prison break effect plz...
Cournell, 04.09.2009, 15:53
Здраствуйте, люблю гонки и все что с ними связано и таких как я, много. Было бы здорово увидеть себя в костюме гонщика, проэкипированном различными спонсорами. А если бы на фоне была бы какая-нибудь спортивная машина - это было бы тогда, вообще СУПЕР.
Cournell, 04.09.2009, 15:55
I love races and all that is connected with them also such as I, much. It would be healthy to see itself in the suit of the racer proequipped with various sponsors. And if against there would be any sports car is would be then, in general SUPER.
kol478, 04.09.2009, 19:06
plees you upload eminem eminem is greet
lee, 05.09.2009, 06:29
yeah add more funny effect and add more frame to advertise

and 1 frame may be add more 1-> 2 pic

my idea , thx photofunia - i love you
hemant, 05.09.2009, 13:52
my request is this programe photofunia download
Todd, 11.09.2009, 03:17
Photo of a pilot / pilots in a plane.
Photo with a celebrity.
More DVD / Movie / Music covers
Paul, 13.09.2009, 16:02
Rachets wich build an picture
Desert_son, 21.09.2009, 09:50
Plz Make a vampire Effect (he bite me)
firebluebird78, 30.12.2010, 03:38
a shadow effect on the water....
nature background such as on the flower field, mountain, river....
Akash, 06.04.2012, 05:34
lil wayne face
ADITYA1123, 02.10.2018, 17:29
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